10kg Pipe Breaker BS8020 shocksafe

Insulated BS8020 10kg pipebreaker with a chamfered leading edge. Designed to dismantle obsolete pipework from a safe working distance.

Tested and made in conformance with BS8020:2011. Tools for live working.

54" Solid Core Fibreglass BS8020 Shocksafe.

For more information on the Shocksafe™ range please visit http://shocksafe.uk

Product Details

  • Product Code: PIPBFGINS54
  • Product Handle: 54" Solid Core Fibreglass BS8020 Shocksafe
  • Product Size: 90mm x 175mm

Before a product is stamped with the Carter name it is rigorously tested to surpass any specifications under which it will be sold. We don’t like the idea of just passing a specification under laboratory conditions. Our true product tests are performed in the hands of tradesmen and professionals who live by their tools.

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