New Website Goes Live!

Carters tool making roots can be easily traced back to to 1695, where a sole blacksmith was beating out tools and forgings for local tradesmen in and around Huddersfield. Life we can presume was a little different back then…

It was the year that Parliament introduced a window tax, no doubt the windows of the workshop were walled up to avoid paying the said tax and It was in the same year that a £2 fine was introduced for swearing in public!!

Customers would be courted in the local watering holes after work hours and prices were agreed with 'nowt but a handshake' and a tip of the cap. The working day was as long, or short, as daylight hours and business was only built, or lost, on word of mouth recommendations.

Jump forward to the 20th / 21st century and the core value of Carters have not changed, but the world in which we all operate has. 

This website should provide the perfect platform for our customers to view our product range and keep up to date with our developments.

New Website Goes Live!